Our solutions

Each customer is treated with great care. We all have different needs – we are driven to meet them.

International transport

All types of transportation in our offer are door to door. During the entire process, we maintain the highest standard of logistics services.

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Land transport

  • Road transport – own fleet
  • New and used car Transport
  • Railroad transport
  • Intermodal and multimodal transport

Air transport

  • From/to most airports
  • Customs clearance
  • Insurance
  • Wide selection of carriers
  • Complex container unloading and consolidation in and out of port
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freight port P3RXUB5

Maritime transport

  • From/to most ports in the world
  • FCL transport in import and export
  • Comprehensive de-stacking and consolidation services in and out of port (stowage, palletizing, distribution, etc), including customs handling
  • We handle 10″, 20″, 40dv/hc, 45″/pw/hcpw and OT, FR containers

Contract logistics

We guarantee cargo security at every stage, simplified customs clearance, compliance with agreed deadlines.

  • Class A warehouses, short and long term projects 
  • VAS services
  • Goods control, serial number tracking, quality and quantity control, implementation of FFO/FEFO/LIFO
  • Tax warehouse, pallet storage system, storage cabinets, mobile shelving, LTL storage
  • Customized solutions for manufacturers: Just in time, just in sequence
  • Rotation analysis available in cloud computing 
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Our warehousing projects include tax warehouse, storage cabinets, mobile shelving, LTL storage

Excellent connections in Silesia due to 4 locations directly situated on the A1 and A4 freeways

A class high storage warehouses of the total area of over 9 thousand m2


Will be our total warehousing capacity in 2022